Kiko Tous Architecture & Design Studio provides personalized creative services including ar­chitecture, interior- furniture and product design, branding & naming and graphic design. All these services are provided from one unique source, ensuring a service that is innovative, original and always adapted to the clients’ needs.

At the Studio we offer our clients a comprehensive package to address their needs from the very beginning until the last detail. Our integrative approach allows us to work on the two key branches of a brand: The spatial and tangible branch, comprising of architecture and interior & furniture design, and the corporate identity branch.

Our wide range of services and project management skills ensure that our clients are freed from the stress and complications that the launch of a new project can often cause.

Our services include:

• Architecture and Interior Design

• Project Management | Master Plan | Hotels | Restaurants |  Villas |  Shops

• Furniture Design and Production

• Branding • Marketing • Publicity Campaigns

• Graphic Design | Naming | Corporative Image | Web Design